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'One Life To Live': A look ahead -- week of November 28th (Spoilers)

This week on "One Life To Live," several couples decide to make changes in their relationships. Here's a look that what's coming up for the citizens of Llanview.

Spoilers for the week of November 28th:

  • Now that the truth about Liam is out, Natalie and John try to decide if they can get past evertyhing that has happened and get back together.
  • Todd hides from everyone, especially Blair what he did to Tomas.
  • Jack is starting to doubt that Todd killed Victor.
  • Viki and Clint continue to share some close moments
  • Cutter and Stacy's and Rex and Aubrey relationships have some heated moments
  • Rex considers moving on with Aubrey but is it before or after the truth about Stacy finally comes out?
  • Mrs. Evans isn't pleased when learns about Vivian's views on marriage
  •  Todd suspects that Jack was behind the fire at The Sun

  • Brody confesses to locking Vimal and Rama in a room, but not to setting the fire
  • Brody assures Natalie that he has accepted that they can never be together, even though he loves her

  • Shane meets Neela at school and is jealous of her crush on Jack
  • Shane makes Neela think the worst of Jack
"One Life To Live": airs weekdays on ABC.

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