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Thorsten Kaye talks playing Ridge on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge Forrester on CBS' The Bold and the Beautiful (This interview was originally published on Examiner.com on September 14, 2015.)

On “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is about to elope with Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). What the blissful couple doesn't know is that both are keeping huge secrets from each other; secrets that are sure to catastrophic when they come out. Any soap watcher knows that secrets always have a way of coming out.

What will happen next on the Emmy Award-wining show is anybody’s guess so be sure to tune into weekdays on CBS to find out.

One thing that is definitely true is that actor Thorsten Kaye is probably one of the funniest guys you’d ever meet. With Kaye’s quick wit talking to him is always fun. Daytime TV Examiner found out first hand during a quick chat with the Emmy-nominated actor, who audiences still remember from his roles as Patrick Thornhart on "One Life to Live" and as Zach Slater on "All My Children."

Check out this quick chat with Kaye as I ask him about everything from karaoke to “The Amazing Race.”

Phyllis: I know you are still commuting. Is it any easier now than when you first started?

Thorsten Kaye:
The commute. It doesn’t get any easier. It isn’t something that always goes away.

Phyllis: What is the shooting schedule like? You came from “All My Children” with a lot of dialog…a lot of scenes. How is this different for you?

Thorsten Kaye:
I used to be able to walk to work, now I fly to work. It’s only a half hour show but we do two a day so it all turns out to be about the same. There’s more time off but the daily grind is pretty similar.

Phyllis: You went from playing Zach on “All My Children” with very little family to Ridge with grown children, a pre-teen child and ex-wives and fiancées galore. How are you feeling these days about Ridge’s history?

Thorsten Kaye:
I’ve never taken over for anybody before. It’s my first time so it comes with the territory. [Ronn Moss, ex Ridge] was older than I am; he looked younger but he was older and he’s been around for a long time. He was on the show for 28 years, so of course you have kids and family and women, so it’s a little…it’s a part of growing up I guess. You get to be a dad. I’m a dad in real life and these guys get old quick. So it’s all part of it. It’s fine.

Phyllis: Now you have a new TV son with Pierson [Fode, (Thomas)] on the show now. Talk a little bit about working with him? What were your first scenes like as father and son? There was a bit of tension there.

Thorsten Kaye:
Well yeah. He brought some tension in the room. I’m never one to ignore tension. He seems like a good actor and he’s a nice guy. We’ll see how he fits in. He’s got to keep his hands off my woman and we’ll take it from there.

Phyllis: Is she still your woman?

Thorsten Kaye:
Yeah…yeah. Why would I change that?

Phyllis: You and Katherine Kelly Lang haven’t had very many scenes together as Ridge and Brooke. I feel like I can count them on one hand. Do you think that will be changing anytime soon?

Thorsten Kaye:
I don’t know. I think that’s tough because of the history she had with … I call him “The Real Ridge…”

Phyllis: “The Other Ridge…”

Thorsten Kaye:
"The Other Ridge", "The Real Ridge"... I think that’s its a tough thing to try to recreate something that everyone is aware of. Sometimes you are better off trying to do something new.

Phyllis: Now it’s time for a game called "Getting to know Thorsten." Ready? Do you have a karaoke go-to song?

Thorsten Kaye:
I’m not much of a karaoke guy. As you can tell, right now I can barely talk. I’d do a little Tom Waits, a little Elton John or maybe some Rod Stewart. It depends on how much bourbon I got in me.

Phyllis: Is there anything you would change about the world immediately if you could? Just one thing?

Thorsten Kaye:
…just one?

Phyllis: Yeah, only one.

Thorsten Kaye:
I’d wish…it sounds corny but, I wish if people got along a little better, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing my family every time I get on a flight.

Phyllis: Do you have a favorite game that you play that you are so good at that people wouldn’t want to play against you?

Thorsten Kaye:
I like “Apples to Apples.” We play that at home so that’s fun. That’s a fun game for me.

Phyllis: If you got cast on “The Amazing Race,” which “The Bold and the Beautiful” cast member would you take with you and why?

Thorsten Kaye:
That’s a good idea. I’d want to watch Don Diamont (Bill) just to see what he could do. That's it.

Catch Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful” airing weekdays on CBS and evenings on Pop TV.

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