What's Happening Now

'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of September 19

Here's what coming up this week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC.

  • Eduardo tells John the role he played in the prison break
  • John and Paul try to track the villains
  • Philip's request stuns Chloe
  • Deimos asks Dario to work harder to get dirt on Chloe 
  • Victor and Deimos convince the Kiriakis men to join together until the escaped prisoners are captured
  • Victor delivers shocking news to Sonny
  • Nicole tells Chloe she may be making a mistake; Eduardo is upset to learn Dario is working for Deimos
  • Steve commits to caring for Kayla during her recovery
  • Adrienne, Lucas, Chad, Theo and Thomas hunker down at the DiMera mansion
  • The escapees make a coordinated move. 
  • Steve discovers his family is being held hostage
  • Hope and Aiden spend time together at the Brady Pub
  • Chad and Gabi bond while trapped in the panic room 
  • Chloe and Philip turn to Kate for help
  • Deimos tells Nicole he got a court order to have Chloe take a paternity test
  • Theresa and Brady suffer a blow
  • Eve thinks Justin still loves Adrienne

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