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'Dr. Phil': 'Making a Murderer' convicted killer Steven Avery and fiancee to make excusive appearance on show

"Dr. Phil" has line-up an exclusive interview with Steven Avery, the subject of Netflix's groundbreaking documentary, “Making A Murderer.”  Avery and his new fiancée, Lynn Hartman, will talk to Dr. Phil about their journey  and what lies ahead for the controversial couple.  
In 2007, Avery was convicted of the murder of photographer, Teresa Halbach and is currently serving life in prison at the Waupun Correctional Institute inWisconsin. His conviction was overturned shortly after the documentary aired. 

Hartman, a legal secretary, says she began writing to Avery earlier this year and just met him face to face two weeks ago. 

Calling Hartman from prison, for the first time in a broadcast interview, Avery discussed topics with Dr. Phil ranging from his pending nuptials and his infamy to his hope that actor Brad Pitt portray him in a film about his life. 

“I haven’t been in love my whole life. It’s not the same as the others. Everything is all different with her,” Avery has said of Hartman 

The episodes air Monday, October 3rd and Tuesday, October 4th (check local listings).
The check local listings, visit: drphil.com

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