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'General Hospital' sneak peek week of October 3

Check out what's coming up this week on "General Hospital," airing weekdays on ABC.

Spoilers week of October 3rd:
  • A distraught Dillon makes a promise
  •  Morgan confesses to Andre and is inspired to apologize to his loved ones
  • Kiki confides in Franco 
  • Hayden and Finn overhear disturbing news about the hospital
  • Sonny and Carly don't see eye-to-eye face 
  • Curtis gives Nina a harsh reality check
  • Nelle turns to Sonny for advice
  • Claudette fills Griffin in on her past
  • Kiki and Nelle compare notes about working with Carly
  • Sonny does damage control
  • Jordan receives an unlikely tip
  • Ava dodges another bullet
  • The walls are closing in on Morgan
  • Griffin questions Sonny's faith
  • Ned and Olivia reignite their relationship
  •  An intoxicated Alexis has an unexpected visitor
  • TJ returns to town
  • Griffin confides in Anna

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