What's Happening Now

'General Hospital' sneak peek week of January 9

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up on "General Hospital" this week. The Emmy-winning daytime drama airs on ABC.

Monday, January 9
Alexis' memory tricks her
Franco talks to Scott
Laura talks to Liz about her taste in men.

Tuesday, January 10
A difficulty emerges in Jason's alliance with Curtis
Franco and Scott work as a team
Nelle gets in too deep.

Wednesday, January 11
Nelle is confronted by Sonny
Kiki promises to keep Franco's secret
Maxie and Nathan try to find Claudette

Thursday, January 12
Alexis is confronted by Julian
Nathan and Maxie have bad news
Anna is challenged by Valentin

Friday, January 13
Franco is in trouble
Alexis looks for support
Finn has a dangerous secret