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Anne Curry comes to PBS with 'We'll Meet Again'

This new six-part series, executive produced and reported by Ann Curry, explores some of the most dramatic events in history through the personal stories of those who lived through them.

The series will share human interest stories of people hoping to reconnect with someone significant in their lives.

PBS hosted a panel to introduce the show featuring Curry, "We'll Meet Again" executive producer Justine Kershaw and series participants Reiko Nagumo and Mary Peters. The two reunited after meeting as children in elementary school during Japanese opposition during World War II. Nagumo, a Japanese American was befriended by Peters at a time when Japanese were taken to camps during the war.

Nagumo felt the need to find her friend to let her know how important her friendship meant to her. She had been looking for her friend Mary Frances.

For Curry, who has a long journalistic history most recognizably with NBC, welcomes the series as a chance to tell untold stories her way.

"I was looking for a wonderful way to do meaningful journalism...a way to look at history through eyes that we don't normally see," Curry said at the press tour panel. "We look a lot that history through our leaders and their legacy but it's nice to see to through the eyes of those who lived it, who couldn't control what was happened to them."

"We'll Meet Again"  -- From a Vietnam War baby desperate to find the American father she last saw 40 years ago to the military chaplain who helped a stranger through the trauma of 9/11, from a Japanese-American girl interned in 1942 who never forgot the classmate who helped her during her darkest hours to civil rights workers whose lives were forever changed by the deep relationships they formed in the 1960s South, "We'll Meet Again," brings together people whose lives intersected during turbulent times. With stories of courage, hope, survival, and love, "We'll Meet Again" reveals the powerful bonds forged among people who now, against the odds, reunite with those who transformed their lives.

For Curry, this interviewing technique in the series gave her chance to be independent, which she describes as delicious.
"It's has been interesting to be independent because you get to do what you really want to do," Curry said. "How do you say no to stories about real people who have experienced events, how they were affected. It was a great opportunity to help them find the ones who helped them through the touch times."

Look for "We'll Meet Again" in the Winter 2018 on PBS.