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'The Ruff Ruffman Show' and 'Luna Around the World' head to PBS Kids

This fall the star of the classic series "Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman" returns in "The Ruff Ruffman Show," an all-new short-form animated digital series designed to help kids ages 4-8 learn core science concepts through videos, game-play and hands-on activities.

The PBS KIDS series stars canine host extraordinaire Ruff Ruffman, who, along with his assistants Blossom and Chet, answers questions from real kids, takes on challenges and learns the value of perseverance—all while modeling science inquiry skills.

The digital series will help kids learn based on individual performance and will introduce kids to STEM research. The learning experience is themed around four kid-friendly physical science topics: wearable science, sports science, kitchen chemistry and structures. Every character of "The Ruff Ruffman Show  is voiced by 5-time Emmy nominee Jim Conroy.

"The real goal of the project is the process of doing science," Senior Series Producer Marcy Gunther said at the Summer Press Tour Panel. "For kids to work through the process. 'How do you ask the question and what resource you use to find out. Science is a process, you may not get the answer right away and you need to be patient'."

Blossom show if you have differing opinions but have to learn to work together. She's there to help Ruff work things out. Ruff also relies on live action kids to work out his science problems.

Each unit has online games and hands-on activities that match it.
The series of 20 videos of segments of five.

Also launching on PBS is the animated series "Luna Around the World" in the fall of 2018. The series is produced by 9 Story Media Group and created by Emmy Award-winning animator, writer and artist Joe Murray (Rocko’s Modern Life, Camp Lazlo), debuts nationwide in fall 2018 on PBS stations, the new 24/7 PBS KIDS channel and PBS KIDS digital platforms. With a social studies curriculum, "Luna Around the World" will encourage kids ages 4-7 to explore and appreciate cultures from all over the world, and build global citizenship and social skills.

Each episode of "Luna Around the World" will include two 11-minute stories as well as interstitial content – including live-action segments about arts and cultures, and animated folktales and songs. The series is currently in production of 38 half-hour episodes and a one-hour special.