What's Happening Now

'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of August 21

Here is a look at what's coming up this week on "Days of our Lives." The show airs weekdays on NBC.

Monday, August 21
Chad proposes to Abigail
Sonny takes a huge step with Paul

Tuesday, August 22
Joey says goodbye to his loved ones
Theo is jealous when he sees Tripp and Claire share a hug

Wednesday, August 23
Jennifer and Abigail are concerned when Lucas shows up drunk
Andre confronts Kate with knowledge of her kissing another man

Thursday, August 24
Brady shares a huge secret with Victor
Nicole is tempted to confide in Eric
Lucas and Bonnie make love

Friday, August 25
Marlena and John realize Hattie must be working with someone
Gabi is hurt when she learns Chad and Abigail are getting married