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Interview: 'The Night Shift' stars Jill Flint and Brendan Fehr

The season finale of NBC's medical drama "The Night Shift" airs tonight on NBC.  The episode entitled “Resurgence,” a campus shooting puts the night shift in harm's way. The incident sends TC (Eoin Macken), Jordan (Jill Flint), Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Amira (guest star Rana Roy) into the field, where they assist Rick (guest star Luke Macfarlane) with a deadly situation.

Meanwhile, Scott (Scott Wolf) implements a new training program and locks horns with Julian (guest star James McDaniel). Drew (Brendan Fehr) struggles with frustrations about going to Army Ranger School while Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) and TC both contemplate their future at San Antonio Memorial.  

TVMusic Network had the chance to chat with actors Brendan Fehr and Jill Flint where the pair hinted at what would be ahead for their characters as Season Four comes to a dramatic close and they also chat about working on the medical show.

Here are some highlights below:

On how Drew's decision to enter Army Ranger school will affect his family and where the characters are at the end of the episode:

"We don’t wrap it up and put a bow on it," explains Fehr. "...But Drew and Rick do have a conversation about it and we do move forward from there. There are still questions regarding how all of that’s going to turn out."

"By the end of this episode, you see everyone in a new direction," Flint adds. "I think there are a few things that will happen — I don’t want to say it’s warm and fuzzy, but I think it’s a beautiful ending. I think the fans will be happy."

"Throughout the show, I think all of the characters have come into their own. I think by the end of this everyone is going to take an additional step towards doing or becoming something [they want]," Fehr said. "Taking on something that’s been weighing on their mind. You see a lot of characters taking chances that they’ve probably been thinking about for a long time. I don’t know how those pan out — they’re up in the air — but I think you see some steps forward."

On working with the real live military consultants on the set. 

"I think for me it was a real honor," Fehr shares.  "You know for four seasons we have been pushing the military aspect.  We thought that that’s what made our show a little different than others.  We thought that is what could make our show a little better than others. It is something that we really enjoyed doing and you know we are always – you know we were honoring our military men and women through that.  But it was finally to be able to get the opportunity to do that in a much more direct way or in kind of a much more obvious way was a great honor.  And it was something that you know we all took a lot of pride in being able to do.  Because you could sit there and you could talk the talk and you can put on the – or they are real uniforms."

Catch the season finale of "The Night Shift" tonight at on NBC.