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Viola Davis produced series 'American Koko' heads to ABC Dgital

Viola Davis is lending her star power to help new voices get their work produced. The Academy Award winner and Emmy-winning star of "How to Get Away with Murder" is serving as producer, along with her husband, Julius Tennon, on the series "American Koko," which just premiered its second season on ABC Digital.

The series star and creator is Diarra Kilpatrick who describes the series as one that tackles race problems in a funny, sexy, insightful, heartfelt and accessible way."

Akosua “Koko” Millard (Kilpatrick) is an investigator who investigates and solves race problems in a post-post-racial America. As a member of the E.R.A. (Everybody’s a Little Bit Racist Agency,) her team of specialists will tackle any case, but for Koko, the hardest case of all may be her own. She was recently cured of “Angry Black Woman Syndrome.”

Season One saw a gospel musical about Harriet Tubman while Season Two follows John Williamson, a chef who hires the agency after he’s accused of killing an unarmed Black teen. Williamson swears he’s not racist and asks for a certification to prove it.

About the series, Davis said about why she got involved in the series. "I always want to honor unique voices. I don't want to water it down. I don't want it restricted and I think in the zeitgeist, we are ready to hear this voice. And we have a need to hear it. I'm at a stage in my life where I want to do anything that's different."

The series was originally produced for Kilpatrick’s YouTube channel.
Check out a clip below: 

You can watch Seasons One and Two of "American Koko" on ABC Digital

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