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What to Watch: 'Teen Wolf' directed by Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey directs an episode of "Teen Wolf"
Photo: MTV
Tonight's "Teen Wolf" episode stands out for one reason ---- the episode is directed by series star Tyler Posey.

 “It was cool because I’ve been working with these people for years, " Posey tells TV Guide. "Once I came around on the other side of the camera, I showed how excited I was. I had a willingness to work hard and make this a really great episode.”

Posey, who stars in the thriller now in its sixth and final season, has a new found respect for the crew that he didn't have before. There is a mutual respect there from the experience.

“I got a lot of respect from the crew, even though they really like me and had respect for me before, it was a different kind of respect. It felt really solid and I felt like we were peers. It was really cool. I loved it.”

In the episode entitled "Strength," Liam comforts Lorilee about her missing brother.

Check out a sneak peek below:

"Teen Wolf" airs Sunday, August 13 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.