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'General Hospital' sneak peek week of September 18

It's an exciting week for "General Hospital" fans. Daytime Emmy winner and fan favorite, Steve Burton returns to the show after a five-year absence. But will he return as Jason? That remains to be seen. Even though the show is keeping mum on if he will play his original character, Jason Morgan, (Billy Miller is currently in the role), Burton is excited to return to the place he calls home for 20 years. He reportedly signed a multi-year contract.

“The emotional attachment I have to the show, to the people, to the crew, to everyone there, was obviously a gigantic part of my decision-making,” Burton says in this week's Soap Opera Digest. “Now, I’m like, ‘Man, I am so blessed just to be able to go back to a show that I grew up on. And hopefully finish there.’ It’s kind of like the circle of life in a weird way.” Burton first airs on Tuesday, September 19. 

Here is a look at what's ahead this week on "General Hospital," airing weekdays on ABC.

Monday, September 18
Griffin worries about Ava
Anna's determination grows
Curtis tries to explain himself

Tuesday, September 19
Ava's curiosity intensifies
Sonny is conflicted
Liz is accosted

Wednesday, September 20
Carly confronts Michael
Nelle receives unexpected advice
Kristina has second thoughts

Thursday, September 21
Ava gets positive news
TJ calls Jordan out
Sonny visits Sam

Friday, September 22
Elizabeth remains committed to Franco
Sam leans on Alexis
Joss is put on the spot

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