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'Let's Make A Deal': new season premieres September 18

Wayne Brady
Photo: CBS
"Let's Make A Deal" launches its ninth season with a sleek, remodeled set and “Premiere Week Prize-a-Palooza,” offering Traders the opportunity to compete for more than $1.1 million in cash and prizes. 

At the beginning of each show that week, host Wayne Brady will reveal a sneak peek at some of the biggest prizes being offered that day, from luxury cars to a trio of trips around the world. 

"Let's Make A Deal" will host special themed episodes throughout the entire season with special themed episodes, including a “Wayne’s Favorite Folks” week, filling the audience with special groups Wayne has chosen to honor, from teachers to grandparents; a Prom episode with a theme selected by fans through social media; and a salute to the game show’s landmark 1,500th episode.

Check out a sneak peek of Monday's show below: 

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