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Watch: Liam Payne and Zedd perform 'Get Low'

White hot producer Zedd has worked with some of today's most talented artists including Justin Bieber and Talk about a collaboration. Liam Payne and Zedd surprised the people of London with a street performance of "Get Low." 

"We created a song that I would say is probably the most urban-ish influenced song I've ever done, it's insanely catchy and I feel like you're gonna hate it after a while because it's so catchy", Zedd said about the song. "I think it's a good balance between where he is going with his solo project and where I'm going with my own music, it's right in between."

Zedd is performing this weekend in his home away from home Las Vegas, this week at the Omnia Nightclub. 

Check out Zedd and Liam below: 

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