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'First Things First' host Nick Wright talks music and television

It sports talk non-stop this fall on FOX Sports FS1's morning chat fest, "First Things First with Cris Carter and Nick Wright." Carter and Wright are the new hosts of the show that's fast-moving and where Carter and Wright rattle off sports facts at lightening speed.

Wright, a longtime radio and television personality, has thrived at FS1, earning a regular guest host spot on "The Herd" and making appearances across all of the network’s daily studio offerings. A proven success in the mornings, prior to joining FS1, Wright hosted “In the Loop,” the Houston sports radio program.

When not talking sports, the host is listening to music, namely Kanye West. 

TVMusic Network caught with the sportscaster to talk music and television. Here's what he said.

On music: 

"Kanye is my favorite artist ever. Look I’m not a music expert but I think “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" is the best album of any genre in the last 15 years.

On television: 

Like the whole world, I watched “Game of Thrones” My wife watched he first season of “Insecure” without me. And this [second] season, she had me watch the first episode. That was great. I also really enjoyed this last season of 'Billions.' I think that’s great and I’m really liking 'Snowflake.' It’s smart and important."

"First Things First" airs weekdays from 6:30 to 9:30 AM ET on FS1.