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Phil Rosenthal travels the world in Netflix's 'Somebody Feed Phil'

Phil Rosenthal is back to show viewers the best cuisine around the world in the new Netflix documentary series "Somebody Feed Phil," debuting on January 12.

The creator of the critically acclaimed series "Everybody Loves Raymond" serves as a joyful guide and ambassador to every corner of the world. 

"The most mind-expanding thing we can do in life is travel and I'm going to get you to travel by showing you where to eat". In Phil's world, joy comes in many forms. From a bowl of noodles to an encounter with a Buddhist monk in Thailand, to a family meal in a riverside hut in Saigon, to an Arab-Israeli co-run bakery in the ancient port city of Jaffa that puts bread before politics, Phil brings a zeal for life and empathy for people that can't help but make you smile. "Food is the great connector. And laughs are the cement."

Rosenthal's previous Food Travel series, "I'll Have What Phil Is Having," ran on PBS in 2015 before moving to Netflix in this reformatted version. 

Check out a trailer for the show below:

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