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Video: Adam Cummingham talks performing in the Top 8 of 'The Voice'

The Voice
"The Voice" Top 8 contestants for Season 13 performed live on Monday, December 11. The contestants performed one at a time and received feedback their coaches Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

On December 12, The top two contestants with the highest amount of the two contestants with the lowest amounts of votes will be eliminated from the competition. The next three contestants that received the next lowest amount of votes will perform for the save. They will perform live during the results show, and viewers will vote on Twitter for their favorites and the contestant who receives the most votes will be safe from elimination, and the remaining two will be while eliminated from thecompetition. 

After the performance show, we talked to the contestants.

Click on the video to see the interview with Adam Cummingham from Team Adam. He talks about  song choices, performing and more.

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