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'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of January 15

Check out what's coming up on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC. 

Monday, January 15
Vivian and Stefan secretly discuss their plans for DiMera
JJ pleads with Lani not to end her pregnancy
Eric is jealous when he sees Jennifer with another man

Tuesday, January 16
Abigail accuses Stefan of trying to stir up trouble between her and Chad
Gabi questions Eli when she finds Lani's earring in his room

Wednesday, January 17
Stefan asks Gabi out to dinner
Vivian questions Stefan about his feelings for Abigail
Theo says goodbye to his family and friends

Thursday, January 18
Andre makes a heartfelt confession to Kate
Stefan gets under Abigail's skin

Friday, January 19
Fresh out of rehab, Lucas asks Chloe out on a date
A stunning murder rocks Salem

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