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'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of January 22

(L-R): Billy Flynn (Chad) and Lauren Koslow (Kate)
Photo: NBC
There's a lot going on this week on "Days of our Lives" airing weekdays on NBC.  Check out spoilers for the week below:

Monday, January 22
Rafe finds an unusual murder weapon, which leads him and Hope to their first suspect
Gabi asks for Stefan's help

Tuesday, January 23
Sonny overhears an incriminating conversation between Brady and Eve
Steve's dizzy spells continue... and the shocking source of the problem is revealed

Wednesday, January 24
Roman lies to protect a loved one
Sonny confronts Brady about overhearing him confess to murder
Despite his reservations, Paul bonds with Will
Kayla worries about Steve's health

Thursday, January 25
Abigail questions Gabi about the murder
Lani squirms as JJ looks forward to being a father
Valerie informs Eli that Lani is pregnant

Friday, January 26
Rafe and Eli make headway on the murder investigation
Chad and Kate bond over their shared grief and anger

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