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'The Amazing Race' Season 30: Meet the Teams

"The Amazing Race" is back for an all-new season of challenges, roadblocks, and travel all to win $1 dollars. Phil Keoghan returns as host as Ireland becomes the first destination for Season 30. 

The 11 teams in the competition include NBA All-Stars, Indy race car drivers and "Big Brother" houseguests.

Check out the teams below: 

Lucas & Brittany Dating Lifeguards Team Ocean Rescue
Cody & Jessica Dating Couple          Team Big Brother
Joey & Tim Competitive Eaters            Team Chomp
Alexander & Conor IndyCar Drivers Team IndyCar
April & Sarah Goat Yoga Moms           Team Goat Yoga
Kristi & Jen Professional Skiers            Team Extreme
Dessie & Kayla Models                    The Ring Girls
Cedric & Shawn  NBA Players           Team Slam Dunk
Eric & Daniel        Twin Brothers          The Firefighters
Trevor & Chris Musicians                 Team Well Strung
Henry & Evan       Dating Debaters       Team Yale

"The Amazing Race" kicks off Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. 

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