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'The Bachelor': meet Arie Luyendyk's ladies

A new year means a new season of "The Bachelor" this time with Arie Luyendyk Jr. a 36 year-old race car driver looking for a future wife the show premieres on Monday, January 1 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.  

Who are the lucky ladies hoping to get the final rose. Check out the contestants below. 

 Ali, 27, Personal Stylist. Hometown: Lawton, OK. 
Amber, 29, Business Owner. Hometown: Denver, CO. 
Annaliese, 32, Event Designer. Hometown: San Mateo, CA. 
Ashley, 25, Real Estate Agent. Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL.
Becca K., 27, Publicist. Hometown: Prior Lake, MN.
Bekah M., Nanny. Hometown: Fresno, CA. 
Bibiana, 30, Executive Assistant. Hometown: Miami, FL.
Bri, 25, Sports Reporter. Hometown: Grants Pass, OR.
Brittane J., 27, Marketing Manager. Hometown: San Diego, CA.
Brittany T., 30, Tech Recruiter. Hometown: Columbia, SC.
Caroline, 26, Realtor. Hometown: Holliston, MA.
Chelsea, 29, Real Estate Executive Assistant. Hometown: South Portland, ME.
Jacqueline, 26, Research Coordinator. Hometown: Morgantown, WV.
Jenna, 28, Social Media Manager. Hometown: Upland, IN.
Jenny, 25, Graphic Designer. Hometown: Northbrook, IL.
Jessica, 26, Television Host. Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Kendall, 26, Creative Director. Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA.
Krystal, 29, Fitness Coach. Hometown: Missoula, MT.
Lauren B., 25, Tech Salesperson. Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA.
Lauren G., 26, Executive Recruiter. Hometown: Indianapolis, IN.
Lauren J., 33, Recent Masters Graduate. Hometown: New Roads, LA.
Lauren S., 31, Social Media Manager. Hometown: Dallas, TX.
Maquel, 23, Photographer. Hometown: American Fork, UT.
Marikh, 27, Restaurant Owner. Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT.
Nysha, 30, Orthopedic Nurse. Hometown: Belton, SC.
Olivia, 23, Marketing Associate. Hometown: Geneseo, IL.
Seinne, 27, Commercial Real Estate Manager. Hometown: Long Beach, CA.
Tia, 26, Physical Therapist. Hometown: Weiner, AR.
Valerie, 25, Server. Hometown: Nashville, TN.

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