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G-Eazy releases Exclusive Download Of 'My Next Fix'

G-Eazy and Stillhouse Spirits Co. have released of 'My Next Fix', an exclusive downloadable track honoring the newest addition to the Stillhouse portfolio - Stillhouse Black Bourbon. Since joining the young powerhouse spirits company in 2017 as Investing Partner + Co-Creative Director, G-Eazy has taken the charts by storm with 'Him & I' - his duet with romance and pop maven Halsey which recently reached #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Top 40 Chart, and 'No Limit' featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B - both of which have gone platinum. The rapper and producer toasts to the launch of the game-changing bourbon with a track that goes hand in hand.

"Yeah, ah, I take a sip another sip, repeat. Continue on until I'm finished with this whiskey neat" raps G-Eazy on 'My Next Fix'. He goes on: "My liquor is the color brown, nothin' in my life is ever watered down." Of the song, he says "Man, it just made sense. Whiskey and music have a long-standing relationship. They go together well. We had over 80 additional tracks already laid out after the album was wrapped and 'My Next Fix' was a favorite of mine. It has this vibe and energy- similar to the feeling I get when sipping on our Black Bourbon. It's smooth, dark, different and unexpected." The rising hip-hop rockstar just wrapped the first leg of his The Beautiful & Damned tour, while the album reached No. 1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart in December.

Hitting shelves this month, limited quantities of Stillhouse Black Bourbon 750mL cans are available in all markets that distribute Stillhouse. It's also available online at ReserveBar.com* and will be available in the 375mL "Roadie", a pocket-sized flask perfect for traveling on-the-go, by summer 2018. Suggested MSRP is $29.95 for the shareable 750mL can and $19.95 for the 375mL can. Visit Stillhouse.com/MyNextFix for more information on how to redeem the exclusive track.**

**The download of 'My Next Fix' is available with a 10-digit serial number found on the side of 750mL cans of Stillhouse Black Bourbon. Visit the site to activate download.

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