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'General Hospital' sneak peek week of March 5

Check out the events that happen to the citizens of Port Charles after the shocking earthquake on this week's "General Hospital" airing weekdays on ABC.

Monday, March 5
Sam looks to Jason for help
Harvey turns his back on Franco
Kiki supports Kevin
Drew gets a clever idea
Jordan reminds Curtis that all is not okay

Tuesday, March 6
Griffin takes charge
Ava gets time with Avery
Carly has no time for Nelle's antics
Kim worries about Oscar
Dante arrives in time to help

Wednesday, March 7
Jason is put in a precarious position
Dante proves an unlikely ally to Franco
Ned takes himself very seriously
Alexis wants the best for Molly
Finn does all he can

Thursday, March 8
Monica checks on Nelle
Carly thinks it's time for a heart-to-heart
Sonny makes a bold move
Peter extends his support to Maxie
Anna makes progress

Friday, March 9
Sam feels ready to take the next step
Liz is grateful to Jason
Sonny and Carly come to a decision that affects their family
Maxie is ready to learn the truth
Nina is hopeful

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