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'The Arrangement': Season 2 Episode 2 'Surface Tension' Recap

Josh Henderson (Kyle) and Christine Evangelista (Megan) in "The Arrangement" airing Sundays on E!

On Sunday night's episode of "The Arrangement," Kyle had to tackle a huge obstacle on his new movie, Megan contacted Kyle's ex, Lisbeth, in order to gain insight about Kyle, IHM and Kyle's relationship with Terrance. Just as Terence and DeAnn attempt to repair their marriage, DeAnn finds herself torn when her old flame Mason returns to town. drawn to an old flame. Shaun pursues her own path in terms of trying to discover more about the Institute. Check out the details below. 

The episode was a test for all of the characters as they try to sort out how they feel and interact with each other. First Megan has fired her agent and is headed for the high profile agency that represents Kyle. They want to make Megan an icon. For them, it’s all about the branding. Appearances, endorsements, charities, the works. They promise she’ll be able to do whatever she wants after they build her brand. She’ll be a legend apart from Kyle.

With Kyle stepping out of starring in "Technicolor Highway," they need to cast a leading man and love interest to star opposite Megan. Kyle is dragging his feet on it even with pressure from DeAnn and the financiers.

Megan visits Lisbeth. She needs to get to the truth and only Lisbeth can help her shed some insight. Lisbeth reveals the people at IHM poisoned her food and water. She still has problems eating to this day. Megan releases that her symptoms could be the result of poisoning. During the talk, Lisbeth starts repeating pieces of their conversation in a rapid short-term memory loss as if she has Alzheimer's.

The episode jumps to two months later, and the agency's publicity campaign for Megan has really taken off. Kyle still hasn't cast a leading man for the movie even though the investors have threatened to pull out of the project.

James is back in town after training at the facility. He agrees to have dinner with Shaun, and they reconnect. She’s one step closer to discovering where the facility is. James agrees to take Shaun to the facility but makes her wear a blindfold so that she can't know where the location is. James reminds her sternly that she isn't authorized to know the location.

Terence gets carjacked at gunpoint and nearly dies. He is traumatized by the incident and shares a few details with Kyle but not DeAnn. He and DeAnn are still having problems which get even more complicated when her old flame Mason moves to LA and their yearly tryst becomes a regular thing.

At Megan’s big event she is introduced to actor Logan Travers, who DeAnn wants as the lead in the movie but Kyle says no to him.  At the event, Kyle and Megan soon meet actress Naseem, who is an IHM groupie. Her boyfriend, Xavier Hughes, is a Drake-like artist who performs at the party and makes an impression on Megan and Kyle. During a video interview with Logan, Megan collapses. Kyle rushes to her side.

 She’s quickly taken home, but the media is already talking drugs, pregnancy, or an eating disorder and Megan gets upset by the gossip. Kyle comforts Megan when she needs him the most. The doctor tells her she needs to take something off her plate. Megan doesn’t want to be taken out of the movie.

Kyle tells Megan why he doesn’t want to cast Logan. When he met Lisbeth, she was dating the director, and it caused a lot of drama. He’s worried about the movie. He’s not going to be able to hide behind a role anymore. Megan assures Kyle that no one will come between them.

Later Xavier and Naseem drop in on Megan and Kyle to see how Megan is doing where Kyle asks Xavier to read for the leading role in "Technicolor Highway. 

Terence shows up at Kyle and Megan’s place to talk to Megan. He says something destructive is going on with Megan, and he wants to work with her to figure it out. Kyle doesn’t think it’s the right time with rehearsals starting, but Megan thinks it’s a great idea. Megan is about to go head-to-head with Terence. 

"The Arrangement" airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on E!

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