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'Timeless': 'The War To End All Wars' (Recap)

"Timeless" Season 2 Premiere: (L-R) Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, Matt Lanter as Wyatt Logan
and Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston
Photo: Justin Lubin/NBC
"Timeless" is one of those shows that is hard to get out of your head once you watch it. It captured the hearts of fans or #Clockblockers as they are now being called on Twitter. 
The show is back on NBC tonight after being prematurely canceled and rebooted? Rebooted is not the right word - revived? renewed after a mistaken cancellation. 

The Season 2 premiere called "The War to End All Wars," 6 weeks have passed. Wyatt (Matt Lanter) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) have managed to escape an explosion at Mason Industries but Lucy (Abigail Spencer) is nowhere to be found. She went home to get answers but was kidnapped by Rittenhouse. 

Everyone thinks Lucy is dead but Wyatt and Rufus believe she is still alive and set out to chase the Mothership which they track to a French battlefront during World War One to rescue their friend historian from Rittenhouse. The trio is briefly reunited only to be separated again by different missions. Wyatt and Rufus must track down the Mothership and blow it up. 

Lucy has no choice but to help her mother and Rittenhouse. In France, Lucy recruits Marie Curie (guest star Kim Bubbs), the famous French scientist and the only person ever to win two Nobel Prizes, to help save the life of a wounded American soldier, only to learn that the soldier is Lucy's own great-grandfather who Rittenhouse is bringing to the present to be their leader.

Along the way, Malcolm gets Wyatt to realize that he's in love with Lucy but is not ready to admit to anyone not even himself. Later in the episode, Wyatt comforts Lucy as she wrestles with the fact that she killed an innocent man in order to prove her loyalty to her mother. 

The gang discovers that Rittenhouse may have agents all throughout history making sure that their mission can't be stopped. 

Jiya's mysterious illness continues but she wants to continue the mission.

Carol's motherly instincts for Lucy are strong despite her commitment to Rittenhouse when she, at Lucy's insistence that Marie Curie is not harmed when she accidentally discovers the Mothership.  

Flynn's help is needed and he'll help but will only talk to Lucy. 

Next week, The Time Team chases Rittenhouse to a stock car race in the 1950s where Wyatt learns that his favorite race car driver is actually a Rittenhouse sleeper agent on a mission to destroy the American car industry. To stop the Rittenhouse plan, Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus team up with Wendell Scott, the first African-American NASCAR driver.
"Timeless" airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. 

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