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'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of May 21

"Days of our Lives" is right in the middle of May Sweeps and has lots of drama along the way. Here's a look at what's ahead this week on the Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama airing weekdays on NBC.

Monday, May 21
Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom
Eve shares the news of her engagement with Jennifer

Tuesday, May 22
Eve is shocked to see her sister Theresa back in Salem and sharing a moment with her fiancé
Ciara and Tripp's romantic dinner takes an unexpected turn
Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby

Wednesday, May 23
Jennifer supports Abigail, who is ready to accept responsibility for her actions
Kate learns her fate regarding her role in Vivian's death

Thursday, May 24
Sonny realizes Leo has been conning him
Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric

Friday, May 25
Theresa attempts to guilt Eve into leaving Brady
Brady confesses his conflicted feelings to Marlena
Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction... but a new problem arises

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