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'General Hospital' sneak peek week of May 7

Check out what's coming up this week on "General Hospital" this week on ABC. 

Monday, May 7 
Ava couldn't be happier
Carly steps up
Franco is anxious
Jason makes up for lost time
Ned has his doubts

Tuesday, May 8 
Jason runs into Drew
Valentin crosses Peter
Lulu looks to Anna for advice
Alexis threatens Ned
Franco gets a break

Wednesday, May 9
Carly tries to fix things with Josslyn
Nelle makes her intentions clear to Ava
Lucas is wary
Drew and Oscar bond
Julian pays Kim a visit

Thursday, May 10
Carly is thrown off guard
Nelle sets Ava up
Finn opens up
Lucy tracks Dante down
Sonny worries about past misdeeds

Friday, May 11
Joss pleads with her mother
Nelle keeps up the charade
Sonny fills Jason in
Anna makes her move
Nina is grateful to Curtis for all his help

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