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'General Hospital' sneak peek week of June 4

Take a look at what's ahead this week on "General Hospital" airing weekdays on ABC.

Monday, June 4 
Maxie is moved to tears
Finn's timing is impeccable
Drew makes arrangements
Oscar steps up
Mike gets the attention he needs

Tuesday, June 5
Sam asks for help
Valentin keeps his word
Jason has doubts
Kim hears a different side of the story
Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion

Wednesday, June 6
Finn is supportive
Anna comes clean
Sonny cautions Carly
Julian apologizes
Alexis is stunned

Thursday, June 7
Ava relays what she saw
Josslyn is on the defense
Griffin is interrupted
Lulu makes a promise
Franco takes matters into his own hands

Friday, June 8
Alexis confronts Monica
Jason is put on the spot
Nelle is thrilled
Michael makes a call
Curtis wants to help

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