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'Days of our Lives' sneak peek week of July 16

Check out a sneak peek of what's coming up next week on "Days of our Lives" airing weekdays on NBC. 

Monday, July 16
JJ takes the fall in order to help Theresa
Abigail reveals to Gabi who is the father of her baby
Theresa and Brady each make one last plea to win custody of Tate
Stefan threatens to derail Steve's eye surgery

Tuesday, July 17
Brady faces having to say good-bye to his son
JJ suffers the consequences for helping Theresa
Abigail wrestles with whether or not to tell Chad about her pregnancy

Wednesday, July 18
Wracked with guilt, Eve admits to Chloe she’s partly responsible for Brady losing custody of Tate
Jennifer is determined to find out how the drugs ended up in JJ's apartment
Roman, John, Marlena and Adrienne keep Steve's spirits up as he waits for word if his surgery can move forward

Thursday, July 19
Claire asks Ciara if she's moving on with Ben
Theresa receives devastating news, which prompts her to leave Salem
Hope and Rafe press Ben to admit he set the fire

Friday, July 20
Gabi "accidentally" reveals Abigail's secret
Eli supports Lani as they continue to deal with baby David's death

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