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Kristen Bell, Justin Hartley, Al Roker and Whitney Cummings join Animal Planet's 'Celebrity Animal Encounters'

Animal Planet debuts a different kind of animated series when "Celebrity Animal Encounters" premieres on the network beginning July 27 at 10:00 pm ET/PT.  Storytellers for the series include Kristen Bell, Justin Hartley, Al Roker and Whitney Cummings.

In each episode of "Celebrity Animal Encounters," actors, musicians, athletes and influencers share their personal encounters with animals which led to loveable, crazy, shocking, dangerous and outright hilarious moments that forever changed their lives. 

Kristen Bell explains the true story behind her now-famous encounter with a sloth; Al Roker describes what it was like to be trapped in a tent by a bear who was desperate for his food; Whitney Cummings will keep audiences on the edge of their seats as she recounts her experience of battling a crew of coyotes who camped out in her yard, fixated on her newly adopted dog; and Danny Trejo reveals he truly has a heart of gold when he rescues a very lost and wayward dog who was in desperate need of love and a home. These are just some of the true stories featured in the new animated series. Other episodes will feature stories from Justin Hartley, Moby, Kate Micucci, Danny Trejo and Judy Greer, among others. 

"Celebrity Animal Encounters" is produced by Asylum Entertainment for Animal Planet. For Asylum Entertainment, Steve Michaels, Jonathan Koch, Ryann Lauckner, James Macnab and Todd Waldman are executive producers with Animations by Octopie Studios.  For Animal Planet, Dawn Sinsel is senior executive producer and Pat Dempsey is producer.

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