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'General Hospital' Spoilers - Week of August 6

Check out what's ahead for the citizens of Port Charles this week on "General Hospital. The Emmy-winning drama series airs weekdays on ABC. 

Monday, August 6
Jason voices his concerns
Ava is inspired by Julian's actions
Drew makes a grand gesture
Margaux makes an innocent play
Jordan looks for answers. 

Tuesday, August 7
Jason meets with Margaux
Sonny's interest is piqued
Nelle taunts those around her
Scotty does his best to reason with Dr. Bensch
Griffin is moved by Ava's concern for Kiki

Wednesday, August 8
Finn refuses to help
Kiki prepares for her trial
Julian is grateful
Scotty confides in Franco
Drew overhears an important conversation

Thursday, August 9
Franco makes matters worse
Sonny's day is bittersweet
Jordan takes the initiative
Curtis is surprised

Friday, August 10
Franco makes a dramatic move
Elizabeth is conflicted
Ava forces Scotty's hand
Kevin apologizes
Oscar looks to drew for advice

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