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'General Hospital' Spoilers - Week of August 13

Check out what's coming up this week on "General Hospital" airing weekdays on ABC. 

Monday, August 13
Griffin is reluctant
Scott apologizes
Jason has a theory
Elizabeth is horrified
Josslyn is annoyed 
Robert Scorpio asks for Jason's help to find Finn and Anna

Tuesday, August 14
Kiki is on edge
Alexis states the facts
Franco apologizes
Elizabeth understands
Valentin is shocked

Wednesday, August 15
Sonny gets an unexpected visit
Alexis is cautious
Sam is asked to do a favor
Griffin is stunned
Franco is furious

Thursday, August 16
Joss apologizes to Sonny
Stella offers her condolences
Michael's emotions get the best of him
Jordan feels betrayed
Elizabeth shares her concerns

Friday, August 17
Bobbie voices her concerns
Sonny takes Julian aside
Alexis gets terrible news
Nina loses her temper
Drew questions a series of coincidences

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