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'Days of our Lives' Spoilers - Week of September 24

Greg Vaughan (Eric) and Ari Zucker (Nicole) star in "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC
Photo: NBC
Take a look at what's coming up this week on "Days of our Lives" airing weekdays on NBC.

Monday, September 24
John tries to get out of a sticky situation
Brady gets upsetting news concerning Tate
Shawn and Rafe share their concerns about Hope and decide to take action 

Tuesday, September 25
Eric confronts Brady, and all hell breaks loose
Paul questions Will about the state of their relationship
Adrienne comforts Sonny, who is heartbroken about Will
Justin and Lucas try to make a deal with Bonnie

Wednesday, September 26
Released from jail, Sami is determined to get answers about EJ
Stefan asks Kristen if EJ is really alive
Eve makes a huge confession to Brady
Eric asks for Maggie’s help to find Nicole 

Thursday, September 27
A tearful Jennifer returns her engagement ring to Eric
Gabi advances her revenge plot against Abigail and Stefan
Sami searches for Kristen at the DiMera mansion and finds herself in a precarious situation.

Friday, September 28
Kristen bursts into Marlena’s hospital room, ready to finish the job
Abe presides over an unusual wedding
Hope and Rafe make a shocking discovery in the case against Ben

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