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Watch: Brie Larson as 'Captain Marvel' (Trailer)

Check out the first trailer for the highly anticipated movie "Captain Marvel."  The movie is the first introduction of Carol Danvers into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brie Larson stars in Marvel’s first female solo headline title as a former fighter pilot who finds herself imbued with powerful new cosmic abilities, and gets embroiled in an intergalactic war between enemy races the Kree and the Skrulls.

The name Captain Marvel was first teased in the post-credit scenes of "Avengers: Infinity War." Nick Fury (Samuel J. Jackson) were affected by Thanos’ finger-snapping that turns half the MCU world into ashes. But just before he turned to dust, Fury sent a pager message to Carol Danvers, presumably to summon her back to Earth and help sort everything out in Avengers 4.

Look for Captain Marvel in theaters on March 8, 2019. 

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