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'Days of our Lives' Spoilers - Week of October 8

Take a look at what's coming up on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC. 

Monday, October 8
Eric reunites with Nicole
Mimi and Bonnie have a heated argument over Bonnie's plan
Abe and Sheila continue to clash
John, Sami, and Marlena get closer to the truth

Tuesday, October 9
Eric is stunned by Nicole's unexpected revelation
John and Marlena discover what really happened the night of their almost wedding 
Kristen and Brady have an intimate moment
Lani is jealous when Eli reconnects with Sheila

Wednesday, October 10
Nicole considers extreme measures to be with Eric
Hattie causes further headaches for John
Brady continues to gain Kristen's trust
Hope finds Rafe comforting Sami

Thursday, October 11 
Stefan gives Sami a lead on EJ
Brady secretly follows Kristen, hoping to uncover her secrets
Xander has a surprising new partner in crime
John reads Hattie the riot act for putting his plan in jeopardy 

Friday, October 12
Nicole and Eric make love
Kristen tends to a mysterious patient
Lucas and Chloe break the news to Kate about Baby Bonnie
Mimi decides she is no longer playing Bonnie's game

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