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'Esme and Roy' October Episodes Sneak Peek

This month sees all new episodes of "Esme and Roy" on HBO. 
Check out the sneak peeks below: 

            Episode #8

            Debut date: SATURDAY, OCT. 6 (9:30-10:00 a.m. ET/PT)

            “Sing Out, Roy!”: It’s time for the Monsterdale Talent Show! When Roy’s stage fright causes him to freeze up, Esme uses her creative thinking, teamwork and a dash of crafty flair to get Roy ready for his big debut.

            “Monster’s Little Helper”: Roy and Esme meet the quirky and enthusiastic Lottie, who wants nothing more than to be a monster sitter herself! But when Lottie accidentally shrinks baby Fig while they’re out on a “mission,” Esme and Roy need to use their powers of observation and love of games to help Lottie find Fig and get her back to her regular size.

            Episode #9

            Debut date: SATURDAY, OCT. 13 (9:30-10:00 a.m.)

            “Simon’s Sleepover”: Simon is coming over to the Monster Sitters’ HQ for a sleepover! When he starts to miss home, Esme and Roy must get creative and combine their craftiness with a dash of kindness to help him feel right at home so that he can have the best sleepover ever!

            “Take a Hike”: Roy and Esme are going for a nature walk in the woods with Snugs. When they can’t remember the way back, Snugs gets nervous. Thankfully, Esme and Roy know that with a little close observation and a good game, there’s always a solution to help them see the forest for the trees.

            Episode #10

            Debut date: SATURDAY, OCT. 20 (9:30-10:00 a.m.)

            “Birds of a Feather”: Esme and Roy are taking a gaggle of little monsters to the museum, but they all want to see different exhibits! How can Esme and Roy help them stay together while still having a blast?

            “Cowgirl Fig”: Esme and Roy are watching Hugo and Fig, and Hugo is making a Western movie! Hugo is the director, Fig is the star and Esme and Roy are also actors. But baby Fig won’t follow directions and Hugo can’t make his movie without her! Now, the Monster Sitters need to get Hugo’s movie back on track.

            Episode #11

            Debut date: SATURDAY, OCT. 27 (9:30-10:00 a.m.)

            “When Figs Fly”: Hugo and Fig head to Monster Sitters’ HQ for a day of superhero fun. But while they’re playing, Fig decides she wants to fly like Hugo. Esme and Roy try to help Fig feel like she’s flying, but she doesn’t want to play pretend – she wants to fly for real. Now, Esme and Roy need to show Fig she can save the day in her own special way.

            “Tillie’s Tough Break”: Tillie hurt her leg and can’t go on a trip to Monster Mountain, the most exciting amusement park in Monsterdale. She’s so sad! The Monster Sitters try cheering up Tillie with silly songs and dances, but nothing seems to be working. It’s up to Esme and Roy to make sure Tillie’s day is just as exciting as Monster Mountain.

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