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'General Hospital' Spoilers - Week of October 8

Elizabeth Henricksen  (Margaux) and  Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan) in a scene from "General Hospital."
Photo: ABC
Take a look at what's coming up this week on "General Hospital," airing weekdays on ABC. 

Monday, October 8
Jordan has bad news for Margaux
Sam makes a bold move
Kiki chastises Ava
Valentin is put on notice
Lulu comforts Nina

Tuesday, October 9
Margaux has an ace up her sleeve
Kim looks to take drastic measures
Oscar looks to make a change
Jason wants to take his time
Drew gets the call he needs

Wednesday, October 10 
Jason agrees with Carly
Mike shares his concerns
Oscar begins his day with Liz
Julian offers his advice
Finn is taken aback

Thursday, October 11
Margaux stands firm in her decision
Felicia makes an announcement
Griffin looks forward to his future
Maxie feels a bit deflated
 Scotty and Ava catch up

Friday, October 12
Nina regrets her actions
Sam has a late lunch date with Alexis
Jordan shares her regrets
Michael is nervous
Aiden struggles at school

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