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'Days of our Lives' Spoilers - Week of August 19

Take a look at what's coming up next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC. 

Monday, August 19
Gabi figures out Kristen's plan
Brady confesses to Eric that he and Nicole are back together
Kate receives an enticing offer
Will and Sonny break into Xander's secret box 

Tuesday, August 20
Will suggests to Brady that Kristen could still be alive
Marlena relays to John her strange encounter with "Nicole"
Gabi questions why Stefan saved her life
Tripp confides to Kayla about his feelings for Haley 

Wednesday, August 21
John and Marlena's private pre-celebration is interrupted by a surprise guest
Tony asks "Nicole" for a divorce
Gabi and Stefan give in to their true feelings for one another
Roman reluctantly goes along with Anna’s plan 

Thursday, August 22
An explosive secret is revealed at John and Marlena's anniversary party
Eli receives stunning news regarding Kristen
"Nicole" realizes she must get rid of Susan
Anna and Tony kiss 

Friday, August 23
Kristen is finally exposed
A desperate Kristen pulls a gun on Marlena
Brady demands answers
Sarah comforts a reeling Eric

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