'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers - Week of October 1

Check out what's happening this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" airing weekdays on CBS. 

Monday, October 1
Hope and Steffy share a rare moment of agreement and respect
The prosecution and the defense give closing statements in the custody case

Tuesday, October 2
Judge McMullen feels the pressure of Ridge's blackmail as he begins his ruling
Katie and Bill agree to break the news of the court's ruling to their son together

Wednesday, October 3
Emma feels jealous and hurt when Zoe and Xander pose for the intimates line
Bill shares a touching moment with baby Kelly

Thursday, October 4
Sally models a private showing for Wyatt
Emma receives relationship advice and a warning about not allowing the past to repeat itself

Friday, October 5 
Brooke confronts Judge McMullen after finding shocking evidence of Ridge's influence
Bill suggests that Ridge and Brooke do a substantial favor

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