Watch: 'MTV’s The Real World' - 'Roommate Sex: The New Normal?' Sneak Peek

Check out the latest episode of "MTV's The Real World," entitled "Roommate Sex: The New Normal?"

In the episode, a hookup makes things very complicated for roommates, Clint and Tovah when one of them starts acting clingy. Arely, an undocumented immigrant, must stand up to Dondre when his comments on immigration make her feel dehumanized.

The revived show comes packed with plenty of laughter, tears, hard conversations, and powerful moments as we see a mix of unique personalities grappling with real topics like liberal activism, conservative values, sexual orientation, and virginity as the diverse group of roommates figure out how to live under the same roof. Cast includes Dondre, Arely, Justin, Tovah, Meagan, Yasmin, and Clint. 

"MTV's The Real World" drops Monday-Wednesday at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET and through Facebook Stories that lead into that week's full episode every Thursday at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET.

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