'Days of our Lives' - Spoilers Week of September 16

Paul Telfer (Xander) and Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) in a scene from "Days of our Lives."
Photo: NBC
There's plenty of drama coming up this season on "Days of our Lives" and next week it continues. Check out what's ahead on the Emmy winning show. "Days of our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.

Monday, September 16
Nicole and Eric make love
Sarah is touched by Xander's devotion
Jack accuses Eve of trashing the hospital lab
Vivian makes another attempt on Kate's life

Tuesday, September 17
Maggie confronts Victor about attacking Ben
Rafe eagerly awaits news about baby David
Jordan returns to Salem
Gabi gets into it with Julie

Wednesday, September 18
Anna pleads with Kristen to help Tony win his freedom
Brady makes a confession to John about Kristen
Jennifer is held against her will
Ben and Ciara are shocked when they discover Jordan’s been released

Thursday, September 19
JJ and Jack grow increasingly worried about Jennifer
Jennifer’s captor is revealed
Kristen tries to win Brady over with her good deeds
Sarah makes an important decision about her baby 

Friday, September 20
Kristen presses Xander about Sarah’s pregnancy
Jennifer tries to make contact with Jack
Lucas returns to Salem and gets upsetting news about Kate’s condition
Will eavesdrops on Stefan and Vivian

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