'Days of our Lives' Spoilers - Week of October 14

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. 
Take a look at what's ahead next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC. 

Monday, October 14
Xander enlists Rolf’s help
Nicole and Eric have a heart-to-heart
Marlena and John become concerned about Hope
Anna is blindsided by Tony 

Tuesday, October 15
Sarah reveals to Eric that she’s leaving Salem
Nicole stumbles onto a secret
Brady and Kristen bond over her pregnancy
John and Marlena fear Brady is making a mistake 

Wednesday, October 16
Ben and Rafe get new information about Ciara's near hit-and-run
Victor orders a hit on Jordan
Gabi is grief-stricken over Stefan’s death
Xander tries to convince Nicole to keep her mouth shut 

Thursday, October 17 
Julie discovers Gabi gave her Stefan's heart
Gabi is furious when she hears Eli and Lani happily making wedding plans
Kate is perplexed by an encounter with Hope
Jack makes amends with Abe 

Friday, October 18
Ben apologizes to Jordan
Hope's strange behavior continues
Nicole struggles to keep the truth from Eric
Kayla reveals to Gabi, Eli, and Lani that Julie isn’t out of the woods just yet

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