'The Bold and the Beautiful' - Spoilers Week of October 21

Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Don Diamont (Bill) star on "The Bold and the Beautiful,"
airing weekdays on CBS.
Photo: CBS
Check out what's ahead for the Forresters, Logans and Spencers next week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," airing weekdays on CBS. 

Monday, October 21
During an argument, Steffy takes the upper hand from a stunned Hope
Thomas makes a major revelation to Zoe about how she fits in to his plans for the future

Tuesday, October 22
Hope implores Liam to give Douglas a permanent home with them and Beth
Thomas rushes to Brooke’s house when he learns what Brooke and Hope are up to

Wednesday, October 23
Hope makes a pitch to Thomas that she should be the one, not him, to raise Douglas
Attempting to sway Steffy to forgive Thomas, Ridge assures her that Douglas will stay with his father

Thursday, October 24
Bill visits Wyatt and reveals that Quinn asked him to meddle in his engagement with Sally
Ridge is blindsided to learn that it was Brooke’s idea to coerce Thomas into giving up Douglas

Friday, October 25
Ridge and Brooke’s marriage teeters on the brink as Ridge faces off with Brooke, Hope and Liam over their plot to take Douglas
Thomas shares an emotional moment with Douglas, vowing to be the father that he deserves

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