(Video) TVMusic Network Remembers Robert Forster

Robert Forster
Photo: Netflix
Actor Robert Forster has passed away at age 78. He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown".

He reprised his "Breaking Bad" role in the just-released "El Camino" follow-up movie. On Breaking Bad, Forster played the role of Ed aka The Disappearer.

He made his film debut with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor in "Reflections in a Golden Eye" (1967)

Other roles include "Medium Cool", "Psycho", "Me, Myself and Irene,"  "Mulholland Drive,"  "Human Nature", "Like Mike", "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle", "Firewall", "Lucky Number Slevin" and "The Descendants" to name a few.

His most recent TV appearance was in 2018 episode of "Last Man Standing" where he reprised his role as Mike Baxter’s now-deceased father, Bud. His most recent movie role was as Blythe Danner's caregiver husband in drama/comedy  "What They Had".

TVMusic Network spoke with Foster many times through out the years including this February at the 2019 Movie For Grown Ups  Awards where he was on hand with the movie cast.

Click on the links to see a few of his past interviews with TVMusic Network. Thanks Robert for your talent and the memories.

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