'Days of our Lives' Head writer Ron Carlivati on Jumping Into The Future

While the rest of the world was setting their clocks back this past week, the residents of Salem's "Days of our Lives," moved ahead one year to 2020. On the November 8th episode of the Daytime Emmy winning series, which is also the show's 54th anniversary, coma patient Jennifer Horton Deveraux woke up to find out that she'd been asleep for a year.

The change marks the first time in soap history that a show has jumped forward and has taken the audience with them.

Days' head writer Ron Carlivati spoke with TV Insider about the reason for the jump and what viewers can expect.

"It's this idea of almost a reboot thing where you can suddenly just take stories to a new place," Carlivati said. "It allows you to jettison some stuff, start new stuff. And the exciting thing for me, and for the rest of the writers was just the creativity of it all. Just having to look at the whole canvas and think, 'OK, if a year went by, what could have changed? What's changed since Salem? Who's together? Who's apart, who's alive, who's dead? ... A lot can happen in a year, especially on a soap opera."

So what can viewers expect? Tune in to "Days of our Lives," weekdays on NBC.

For a look at what's coming up next week on the show, click here:


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