'Days of our Lives' Production Takes Extended Break, Cast Released From Their Contracts - Show Not Cancelled

"Days of our Lives" is taking a risk both on-air and off. "Just days after the show celebrated the beginning of the 55th anniversary with fans over the weekend, news came that the Emmy-winning soap was taking an extended break in production. The news worried loyal viewers that it meant the first steps to cancellation.

 TV Line reported that the entire cast of Days of our Lives had been released from their contracts that production was shutting down at the end of November until 2020. While Days of our Lives has not been canceled, the NBC soap is in the midst of learning its fate as Sony Pictures Television and NBC negotiate renewal possibilities.

NBC, Sony, and DAYS' production company, Corday Productions, would not comment, but the site learned that Sony is not involved in the contract negotiations with the cast.

When TVMusic Network learned of the hiatus, a source said there was no indication that the show would be cancelled and they expected to return to work in the new year.

"Days of our Lives" currently shoots eight months in advance, meaning that episodes can air through the summer of 2020 while the show is on hiatus.

The show started a new arc of stories this week by flash forwarding the show one year to November 2020 and filling in what happened in that year throughout.

"Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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