Solange Featured on Cover of Garage Magazine

Garage Magazine's Solange Cover
Solange is featured on this month's cover of Garage Magazine. The talented artist unveiled the cover which features digital art that of a design woven into the braid of her hair designed by New York-based artist and Solange collaborator, Jacolby Satterwhite.

Solange’s latest album "When I Get Home" and its companion film touches on the history of black cowboy culture and how the sport and art confronts and conquers fear.

"I remember watching this documentary, and it started with this black cowboy saying, “Who the fuck is John Wayne?,” Solange shares in the article about her interest in Black cowboy culture. "It just stuck with me as a premise and a foundation for the entire film. This is not a fad, this is not a trend, this is not an aesthetic. This is real lives of black men and women who, every weekend, are going to the Zydeco, who are packing up their horses and trail-riding from Texas to Louisiana, who have been doing this for decades and decades."

"When I Get Home" features tracks that were written by Solange and an impressive list of collaborators including Gucci Mane, Cassie and Tyler, the Creator.

1. "Things I Imagined"

2. "S McGregor" (interlude)

3. "Down with the Clique"

4. "Way to the Show"

5. "Can I Hold the Mic" (interlude)

6. "Stay Flo"

7. "Dreams"

8. "Nothing Without Intention" (interlude)

9. "Almeda" (guest appearance by Playboi Carti)

10. "Time (Is)" (guest appearance by Sampha)

11. "My Skin My Logo" (guest appearance by Gucci Mane)

12. "We Deal with the Freak'n" (intermission)

13. "Jerrod"

14. "Binz"

15. "Beltway"

16. "Exit Scott" (interlude)

17. "Sound of Rain"

18. "Not Screwed!" (interlude; guest appearance by Standing on the Corner)

19. "I'm a Witness"

For more info and to purchase "When I Get Home," click on the album image below.

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