'The Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers - Week of November 11

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS
Take a look at what's coming up next week of "The Bold and the Beautiful," airing weekdays on CBS.

Monday, November 11
Ridge and Brooke are at an impasse over Thomas and their marriage
Hope fears the worst when she searches for, but can’t find, Thomas

Tuesday, November 12
Hope shares good news with Brooke about Thomas and Douglas
Steffy gives Ridge a piece of her mind about what Brooke is capable of

Wednesday, November 13
Liam is stunned when Hope reveals that she is now legally Douglas’s mother
Hope feels guilty when she discovers that Liam is returning to work at Spencer Publications

Thursday, November 14
Ridge is incredulous to learn that Hope manipulated Thomas into sharing his son
Steffy and Liam share a tender moment together and vow to spend time as a family

Friday, November 15
Furious, Ridge demands hard answers from Brooke and Hope
Brooke covers for Hope and attempts to diffuse the situation between her and Ridge

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