'Days of our Lives' Spoilers - Week of December 30

Here's a look at what's coming up next week on "Days of our Lives," airing weekdays on NBC.

Monday, December 30
Marlena confronts "Hope" about her feelings for John
Kate threatens to expose Stefano
Gabi discovers someone has vandalized Gabi Chic
Kristen is enraged when she spies Brady and Nicole kissing

Tuesday, December 31
Julie and Doug's New Year’s Eve party is crashed by an unexpected couple
Kayla, Justin, Marlena, and John share theories about who might've been the mystery Santa Claus
Kristen is tormented by the thought of Brady being with Nicole
Eli receives surprising news about the person who threw a rock through the Gabi Chic window

Wednesday, January 1
Days of our Lives will be preempted

Thursday, January 2
Marlena, John, Kayla, and Justin are stunned by Steve's return
Kristen tells Brady she wants him back
Kristen attacks Nicole
Gabi is stunned to discover Lani is back in town

Friday, January 3
Ciara supports Ben on the day of his final appeal
Xander and Victor realize Ciara has been playing them
Kayla confronts Steve one-on-one
Gina lashes out at Rafe

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